2014 Presidential Letter - A Memorial Year

Hello Everyone,

Wow, another MTAC season is here! We, the MTAC Board, hope everyone had a great 2013. Whether you were swimming, playing tennis, or just relaxing with friends and family – there was no better place to be than MTAC! I do want to ask, to everyone reading this, to please say a prayer for MTAC that it continues to grow, provide an updated and enjoyable recreational facility, and to be financially sound.

As everyone knows, 2014 started off sadly for our MTAC family. On April 19, Coach Sonny Taylor passed away. With that said, the Board would like to make 2014 a special Memorial/Appreciation Year for Coach Taylor, all of our founders, and Coach Wayne Orr, who retired from MTAC last year.

We will be planting a Memorial/Appreciation Tree in honor of all those who worked so hard starting MTAC and within MTAC. Their vision and hard work is what we all enjoy today. There will also be a plaque made listing our founders and instrumental people. This ceremony will be very soon and information will be sent out via our MTAC website, Facebook, and e-mail blast from the Chamber. We hope that all will attend this special event to honor those who gave so much to MTAC.

With this being our Memorial /Appreciation Year, I challenge every member to find and grasp the spirit and pride that these folks held for MTAC: by helping to keep MTAC an awesome, family facility that reflects the hearts of all our members. Ask yourself, what would the Founders do (what would Sonny do) when asked for help/volunteer, when asked to donate, when asked to serve on the MTAC Board, or when asked to help grow membership. In essence, always trying to do the best thing for MTAC by helping to keep our Founders’ vision alive and strong. Remember, a rolling stone gathers no moss.

I believe our Founders had the following principles when forming MTAC:

1)       Life is best lived in service to others. This doesn’t mean that we do not strive for the best for ourselves. It does mean that we should serve other people including our family, friends, and strangers.

2)       Consider others’ interests as important as your own. Think of all that could be accomplished when we stop looking out just for number one.

3)       Hard work is never a waste. No one will say, “It’s too bad, they were such a hard worker.” Hard work can create a legacy that can last for years to come.

4)       You reap what you sow. In fact, you always reap more than you sow – you plant a seed and reap a bushel. What you give, you get. If you give love – you receive love. If you give time – you gain time.

5)       You must risk in order to gain. In every aspect of life, you must risk something in order to gain something. In love, you risk rejection in order to ask someone out the first time. With retirement, we risk capital while investing over time. When we risk, we gain. When we gain, we have more to give and leave to others.

6)       Don’t give up when you fail. Imagine how many inventions and what legacies would never have existed if someone had given up. Everyone fails at some point; it’s a fact of life. Those who succeed are those who do not give up when they fail. They keep going and build a successful life; they build a legacy to pass on.


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